Allen Wrench Set - Ink Honeycomb 4pcs (DTT02001)

    Allen Wrench Set - Ink Honeycomb 4pcs
    DTT02002 Allen Wrench Hex1.5 x 180mm
    DTT02003 Allen Wrench Hex2.0 x 180mm
    DTT02004 Allen Wrench Hex2.5 x 180mm
    DTT02005 Allen Wrench Hex3.0 x 180mm

    Eye-catching hollow honeycomb design with light weight handle for easy handling.
    Titanium nitride coated tips, to make it harder and more durable compared to normal ones.

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Allen Wrench Set - Ink Honeycomb 4pcs
\r\nDTT02002 Allen Wrench Hex1.5 x 180mm
\r\nDTT02003 Allen Wrench Hex2.0 x 180mm
\r\nDTT02004 Allen Wrench Hex2.5 x 180mm
\r\nDTT02005 Allen Wrench Hex3.0 x 180mm